2018 AIDS Walk Greater Toledo

Noel R.I.P
Noel R.I.P

Team Walking and Reading for Noel

Hello Friends!

You all know my wife and I have been a long time supporters of the AIDS walk in NYC and an advocate for Gay Men's Health Crisis. My wife and I are in Ohio now, and want to continue that support. As most of you know my family lost my brother Noel the day before Valentine's day in 1993 to AIDS. But beyond that the LGBT community was the first one hit with this epidemic, and beginning with Noel then many beautiful people after that LGBT community has been a huge part of our lives. Friends, family, supporters, employers, employees, and often life supports. Sometimes I think Noel guided these wonderful people into my life. But on the real, its also the right thing to do regardless.

This year in Ohio we've chosen our fundraising go to Toledo Mpowerment. When you see the mission statement most of you will know part of the motivaton is our nephew Chris. Who's been to us what we think family should be, and we want future generations like him empowered, comfortable, confident, and safe.

When it comes to Toledo Mpowerment, here is their mission statement founded in 2010:


The mission of Toledo Mpowerment is to create a happy, healthy, united gay community through education and empowerment.

We are here to provide a safe place for 18-29 year old gay/bisexual/transgender men to make friends, get education they need, and to learn and grow from our programs so that they may go out into the community and help promote HIV education and safer sex.

MSo thanks for joining us in the 2018 AIDS Walk Greater Toledo on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at Ottawa Park in downtown Toledo. See you there, lets make Ohio safe and friendly to this gay community. (See what i did there. ;))

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